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I hate being sick…

So so much…

Just started the new workout routine last week, then I get strep. Doc told me to stay home from school/work/etc on Monday because I’d still be contagious so I didn’t go yesterday.

Today I still feel like warmed over crap. I could go and not get others sick, but just hanging out at home I’m coughing, and being a huge mouth breather.

I should probably skip today so that I don’t over excerpt myself. I’m not happy about it. 😐

Daddy even suggested that I sit today out.


I hate being sick.

Searchinglittle does not have it. I was told it was sent to her 2 weeks ago today, but she has not gotten it, nor has she gotten a slip to go pick it up.

She and I talk daily.

She and I have both tried contacting the girl who sent it and have both not gotten a response. That girl has also not blogged in over a week.

I have no idea what’s going on, but I am NOT a happy camper.

She told me point blank that she sent it on Aug 12th, and there was a tracking number. But when I asked for the tracking number she never responded.

So no, I have no idea what’s going on with it.

Haha! Perfect timing! 😂


That wasn’t today, but thanks. 😘

Weight loss….

At first I was a little bummed that I’m only down 1.5lbs in two weeks, but then I realized…I had a REALLY bad week last week (not the one that just ended) and I was up 6.2lbs! In one freaking week! Like OMG! But now this week I was down 1.5, after not saving that weight where I was up.

Know what that means? All that weight I was up (mostly from soda, whoops) PLUS another 1.5 was gone in 7 days from me busting my ass at the gym. 7.7lbs in 7 days of hard work.

So…it may only end up as a negative 1.5 for a two week total, but overall I’m still down, and I’m still proud of it!

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