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Mainly a BDSM themed blog, I am a 30yo female, bi-sexual, chubby, body positive, submissive and little, living in Central Cali. You can find my Daddy here (as in my partner, boyfriend, lover, not father.)

FAQ is here and has many answers, if you don't find it there ask me.

My Likes, Dislikes, and Off-Limits are here and frequently updated so please look at the list before asking.

I do have a Wishlist if you care to look. I do not by any means expect anything, but it's been requested so it's there.

I have many Writings both of my personal life, thoughts, advice etc. please feel free to browse them. :)

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Anonymous said

So can I fuck you??

Not sure how I’d fuck a gray circle wearing sunglasses…

Signature Lines (BDSM version)

Build a thousand bridges in your lifetime, but suck one dick, are you known forever as the bridge builder?

Violet wands. They’re everywhere you expect them to be. —Visa

They’re always after me lil red ass. —Lucky Charms

Don’t beat subs without it. —American Express

You can hear the wax drop. —Sprint

Thud Thud Sting Sting Oh what sweet pain You bring! -AlkaSeltzer

What would you do for a spreader bar? —Klondike

Sometimes you tie up the nuts, sometimes you don’t. —Mounds & Almond Joy

P-A-D-D-L-E-S, paddles leave the very best…bruises. —Nestle

Get a piece of the crop. —Prudential

BDSM: The choice of a lewd generation! —Pepsi-Cola

Bottoms. They take a licking and keep on ticking. -Timex

This world’s no fun. In my world, there are people in chains and you can ride around on them like ponies… Come beat the softer side of rears -Sears Roebuck-

It’s a feel thing -CocaCola-

An ass is a terrible thing to waste. -NAACP-

Just what the Domme ordered -Dr. Pepper-

(close in on 3 frogs in a pond, dressed in leather teddies): S…..and…..M -Budweiser-

Smacks great. Less stinging. -Bud Lite-

Subspace Inside -Intel-

Imagine yourself down on your knees. -Mercury-

Gimme an ache, gimme an ache… -KitKat-

Know what comes between me and that paddle? Nothing -Calvin Klein-

Where’s the cuffs? -Wendy’s-

I don’t want to hold back, I’m a Toys “R” Us Dom… -Toys ‘R’ Us-

You deserve a spank today -McDonald’s-

He likes it. He likes it. Hey SAMmy -Life Cereal-

This is not your father’s S+M -Oldsmobile-

Subs. Built damn tough. -Chrysler Plymouth Dodge-

Home of the flogger -Burger King-

The more you kneel, the more you feel -National Education Council-

It does a body good. -National Dairy Council-

(close in on a person holding a small brown egg) This is your ass. (same person holding a large colored striped Easter egg) This is your ass after a scene. Any questions? —Anti-Drug Foundation

(Not written by me! Found here


Birds chirping and singing always sounds so pretty. What if they actually sound like grumpy old people in bird language?

"Myrtle? Myrtle!! Myrtle you’re in the wrong tree!"


i can do whatever i want… imagine that

What about her says “zero self esteem”?

What a cunt this anon is.

play-with-kitten if you’re overweight, I’m a cow!

Fucking mooo!! 🐮😘💜

You wish ;)

What if, just one time while you were eating Zebra Cakes, you turned into a zebra…

There is great surrender in Dominance.


I give myself to being the man who inspires your submission. I am not proud.

I want all of you. I want your devotion, your obedience, your soul.

I’ll be the man you want to give that to.

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