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DO NOT STEAL MY PICTURES!! Reblog them, do NOT post them as your own. Not only will it piss me off but it's against the rules and regulations of the site!

Mainly a BDSM themed blog, I am a 29yo bi-sexual submissive female living in Central Cali. I have many little tendencies, you can find my Daddy here.
FAQ is here and has many answers, if you don't find it there ask me.
My Likes, Dislikes, and Off-Limits are here and frequently updated so please look at the list before asking.
I do have a Wishlist if you care to look. I do not by any means expect anything, but it's been requested so it's there.
I have many Writings both of my personal life, thoughts, advice etc. please feel free to browse them. :)
People constantly ask about My Videos & Gifs so this link should take you directly to them! Fap away!

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on a scale from 1 to sansa stark, how much do you regret your childhood crush

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