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Mainly a BDSM themed blog, I am a 30yo female, bi-sexual, chubby, body positive, submissive and little, living in Central Cali. You can find my Daddy here (as in my partner, boyfriend, lover, not father.)

FAQ is here and has many answers, if you don't find it there ask me.

My Likes, Dislikes, and Off-Limits are here and frequently updated so please look at the list before asking.

I do have a Wishlist if you care to look. I do not by any means expect anything, but it's been requested so it's there.

I have many Writings both of my personal life, thoughts, advice etc. please feel free to browse them. :)

People constantly ask about My Videos & Gifs so this link should take you directly to them! Fap away!

I’m being a good little girl…

Daddy picked my panties this morning, but of course they got all yucky at the gym because I worked so hard!

So now I’m freshly showered, and on the couch in a nightgown…but no panties.

Daddy didn’t leave another pair out for me to put on after my shower, so I’m being a good girl not wearing any until he gets home from the gym. ☺️

You might be a little if...


  • you call your SO/Dom/Husband Daddy.
  • you sleep with a stuffy (stuffies).
  • you pout when you see little girl clothes that don’t come in your size.
  • you love coloring.
  • you’re Daddy’s princess.
  • you can’t live without your paci/bottle/stuffy/blankie etc.
  • you sleep better with your stuffy.

If y’all don’t hear from me later, you know I’m dead…

Why you ask?

Oh well I just finished my arm workout. Now I’m going to do Zumba.

So yea…might be Walking Dead status later.

Just sayin.

Me: *to child* do you want something from your lunch pail?

Child: yea!

Me: okay you've got goldfish, raisins and fruit snacks left.

Child: fruit snacks!!

Me: okay, ohhhh they are Avengers fruit snacks!

Child: *eats some* they all taste like super Heros!!

Me: *gigglesnort*

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