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DO NOT STEAL MY PICTURES!! Reblog them, do NOT post them as your own. Not only will it piss me off but it's against the rules and regulations of the site!

Mainly a BDSM themed blog, I am a 30yo female, bi-sexual, chubby, body positive, submissive and little, living in Central Cali. You can find my Daddy here (as in my partner, boyfriend, lover, not father.)

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More info on the DMCA notice

So I reread the last message I got from tumblr, that had every link the page submitted.

It turns out, ALL the photos were from this blog

I went through his archive, and I’m in there other times. He’s not stolen, but reblogged these pictures.

It turns out a photo I sent as a submission to onesubsdaddy was also removed.

Both my bubble blowing photos, and the one I submitted to Daddy had both been reblogged on this person’s page.

After days of emails to the company southern-charms and no response, I have now called and left a message for their attorney.

I have also filed a counter-notification with Tumblr, they will notify southern-charms and if they (sc) doesn’t get back to them with proof of my photos in 10 days or less, my photos are back on my page.

Let it be known people, if you steal my shit I WILL find out.

If you feel the need to right click and save my pictures for your spank bank, fine. But do not, I repeat, DO NOT put them anywhere else. Do not send them to anyone either.

My photos are two places, here, and on fetlife. So I KNOW when they’ve been stolen.

If I knew a way to go in and edit every single photo I’ve posted with a watermark I would, but I can’t. So from now on they will all be watermarked.

This fiasco has GOT to stop.


Bondage & Discipline
Dominance & Submission
Sadism & Masochism

For reference. 😘

Oh no it’s not a bad time, it’s just you really don’t know if it does or not.

I’d try not to stress it (because stress can throw your cycle off), and if you’re late this next time then test. The earliest I’ve ever gotten a positive test, or anyone else I know was 3 1/2 weeks after conception date.

What?! That’s weird…

You don’t.

You only have one mom kid, and you came out of her vagina screaming like a little bitch.

The only “mommy” I am is to my child, and my fur babies…beyond that you are barking WAY up the wrong tree.

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