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Really super nervous…

We take Cooper in early tomorrow morning for surgery.

Not only am I dropping him off for like 3 days where I won’t be able to see him, but he’ll be under anesthesia for a few hours tomorrow for the surgery.

That’s what makes me the most nervous. He’s a little over weight, is almost 7, hasn’t been under since he was about 11 months when he got snipped, and suffers from seizures at times.

I’m so nervous that something is going to go wrong with my boy. 😔

And sounds good…

But I think the game is or.

I’d say 40 because he’d likely have more experience.

Anonymous said

Obvious but ass or pussy?

More specific please.

Which do I like better? Which do I prefer of mine to be penetrated? Which of mine do I prefer be played with?

Do I like cats or donkeys better? I mean…


Vagina please!

So many have mentioned (or asked me about) 24/7 D/s in front of friends/family or just in public in general, so here's two things from today that happened:


1. Wherever we went thedominanthand kept his hand on my neck as he led me where he wanted me to go. I think it’s telling that when he wasn’t doing that at the store today, I was literally all over the place and couldn’t figure out what I wanted. The moment he put his hand on my neck, I stopped…

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